Modeling Tip 5A – Beware the Boyfriend

master_nick_wereall-madhereGreetings models!

Continued from yesterday, we’re exploring why you shouldn’t bring unannounced guests to work. We covered security first, because pursuit of that illusion weighs so heavily on the mind. I’d question working with someone at all if you truly fear that you need a body guard in their presence. Yet there are other mistaken impressions that spur the uninvited to come disrupt a shoot.

 Sometimes the model knows and trusts the photographer, but the model has a boyfriend who doesn’t know how to trust. Sometimes, the guy thinks he needs to come keep an eye on things, to make sure there’s no hanky-panky. Some guys even freak-out just over a girlfriend’s work, especially if she poses nude.

master_nick-grinning-glass It’s true, sometimes, that single models do become lovers, and lovers becomes models. However, a sane and reputable photographer won’t automatically assume that a model will become a sexual partner, even if the shoot involves nudity. Alas, many people automatically equate nudity with sex, and a jealous boyfriend is the very avatar of that misbegotten notion. ‘Tis unlikely that you can reason with someone in grips of jealousy, that most damaging and maddening form of insecurity. Ultimately, your partner either respects your decision to model, or he doesn’t. He trusts you, or he doesn’t. It’s up to you to decide where you priorities lie, preferably in advance, rather than risk loosing a neanderthal around a collection of fragile and expensive photographer’s gear.

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