Modeling Tip 5B – The Odd Wheel

 cabaretkiss-master-nick4webYesterday we touched upon the hazards of the jealous boyfriend, freaking out because he doesn’t grasp that modeling and sex are not automatically one and the same. But sometimes the boyfriend doesn’t suffer that particular insanity, and gets underfoot purely by innocent mistake.

 Occasionally he, (or some other third person) shows up at the set because the model just needs a ride.

 You don’t have any way at all to transport yourself? You really need your boyfriend to get you from place to place? Really?

Okay, that happens. Times are tough, not everyone has their own car, or lives within easy access to public transit routes. People are indeed wise to carpool, when they’re already going to the same area. But your driver is not part of the shoot. Let him drop you off if need be, then have him hang out at a nearby coffee shop or some such while you work, and call him when you’re done.
master_nick_time-runsbackThe few minutes it may take for him to get back to the set actually eat less time then having him present to disrupt the whole session. The one with the wheels can become a third wheel very quickly.

 I’ve been rattling on for days now about keeping extraneous people off the set– but are they really so bad?

 Yes. Yes, they are. Even the most well-meaning folks can be a hindrance to both model and photographer in ways we shall explore tomorrow, so stay tuned for more from
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Photography by Master Nick Roberts

Featured Model of the Day: Artemis


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