Modeling Tip 5C – Living Clutter

master_nick_roberts-cuff_me So, you’re posing for a photographer, and your boyfriend wants to hang out on the set. Maybe he isn’t a jealous lunatic, but just likes to watch you work. However, even when extra people mean well and aren’t freaking out, they still manage to get in the way.

 Every spare inch of space on and around the set is needed. The photographer’s gear and props, plus the model’s various costume pieces and accessories will be employed or stashed in turn at unpredictable times. Lights are moved from here to there and back. Likewise the model and/or photographer make take up various stations to capture a pose from different angles. To be clear, any person on set beyond the model, the photographer, and any assistants the photographer may need, is in the way.

 Sometimes, your guy companion thinks he’s clear of the set by standing in a doorway. However, the purpose of a doorway is to grant access to another space. The guy in hovering there is blocking the path to bathroom, the photographer’s back-up gear, and so on. Just being in the building is being in the way. That space off to the side may seem like a free spot for your boyfriend now, but in short time it won’t be, and not long after his first relocation, his brand new perch will also prove inappropriate.

master_nick_high-eye_view Some think, No problem! My guy can just move as the need arises.

 Alas, that’s not how it works.

Artistic endeavors are always an uphill struggle. Both the model and the photographer only have so much time, energy and concentration to spare. Technical settings for all the equipment are just the tip of the iceberg. The photographer is already juggling countless elements in his head. Any added obstacles break the creative flow. People talk about throwing in a monkey wrench and upsetting the works. Having an extraneous person around the set is the same as throwing in an actual monkey.

 But what if your tag-along just wants to help?
 That will be the topic of an upcoming entry, so stay tuned for more from
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