Modeling Tip 5C – Meddling vs. Modeling

 master_nick_capn-cancancan Dear model,

 We’ve hitherto covered, in painstaking detail, why you should never bring uninvited guests to a shoot. We’ve seen how they will loom distractingly over the shoulder, or get under the feet, tripping up you, the artist/photographer, and the whole process. Yet some are invasive in yet another way. They’ll crawl right up your butt and start kibitzing.

 Here you are, on the set, all made up. You have lights, camera, and action underway, when some spectator starts playing back seat driver.

 master_nick_artemis-highnot“You know what you should do?”
 “Hey, why don’t you…”
 “It would be totally awesome if…”

 I shudder.

 Up ’till this point, I’ve been speaking to the models. Now I must address the third wheel directly.

 Never, never, never tell an artist or model what they should do. The only exception should be when you’re paying the artist top dollar, and your arrangement specifically grants you the privilege of offering guidelines.

 And by the, showing up at someone’s space uninvited is bloody rude!

The painter/photographer is an artist. The model is also directly involved in the arts. Any uninvited third person is a distraction from the act of creation. Keep them off the set.

 I’ve now gone on for five days on this topic. We’ll move on to a new point tomorrow. I pinky swear…
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Photography by Master Nick Roberts

Featured Model of the Day: Artemis

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