Modeling Tip 6: The Show Must Go On

 master_nick_-standeliverI’ve got to give a little tough love today.

 Here’s something not just for models, but for actors, and for anyone at all involved in creative collaborations. This is more than a mere guideline or helpful hint. This is a hard, fast rule.

• Never, ever flake!
Arrive on time and ready to work!

 Modeling is acting, wether you’re playing a fashion plate, sex goddess or what have you. There is one ethic vital to the craft: The Show Must Go On.

 But what if you don’t feel so well?

 Not everyone feels their best all the time, and everybody has bad days that make them feel sad or low or unsexy. But when the lights are on, it’s time to set all that aside and shine. Having worked on both sides of the camera, I know it’s not always easy, but it is necessary. Even if you don’t feel it, you act it. Remember the old song, “There’s no people like show people! They smile when they are blue!” That’s show business.

Master_Nick-Devilry-crop I’ll share with you a personal example. I recently co-starred in a short film. Over the course of a shoot spanning many months, a cracked tooth got infected. While it was some of the worst pain I’d ever known, I went on, taking only over the counter pain meds, as opposed to anything strong enough to adversely effect my performance. Then half my face swelled up. I was physically unable to play the part for a while, as the sudden and drastic change in my appearance would have been a continuity error. But this year’s pain was just getting started. Over the span of the same production, two of my family members passed on. I felt miserable inside, but on the outside my face had finally returned to normal. I was physically able to go on, so I did. Dedicated professionals go that extra mile.

 Modeling, acting, and all other art forms are not just glamour and accolades as they may outwardly appear. They are work, and must be treated with respect.

 There’s more to come, so stay tuned for more from
Master Nick Roberts © 2013

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“Stand and Deliver” Photography by Master Nick Roberts

Mephistopheles shot detail by Brock O’Toole
From the movie “Discord and Devilry”

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