Modeling Tip: The Show Must Go On Part II

Continued from Friday:
   Again, I speak not only to models, but to actors and all others involved in creative collaborations. And again, this is not just a guideline but a hard, fast rule.

• Never flake!
Arrive on time,
ready to work!

 Yes, emergency’s do happen. The very moment you’re certain that you can’t make it, call and/or email the head of the project, and c.c. all others involved, to let everybody know that you’ll be unable to attend.

 No excuses!

 A no-call no-show is completely inexcusable. Because a lot of people seem truly ignorant of this simple fact, I repeat: There is absolutely no excuse for being absent or even late without calling well in advance, and without a damned good reason for missing the gig. Calling at the last minute is not sufficient, calling late is worse, and neglecting to call at all is utterly deplorable. Such disrespectful behavior will damage your professional reputation, and rightly so.

u_never_even-spoke2time“I lost track of time,” is not an excuse. If you have somewhere to go, set aside enough advance time to prepare and travel. Stay aware of the time throughout, and don’t let distraction keep you from your commitments.

 Double booking or overextending yourself if no excuse. It is your responsibility to plan your schedule carefully. Develop a realistic concept of how long each project will run. For example, when a film director says that they need you for just fifteen more minutes, they really mean two or three more hours. Directors never, ever realize their error, so it’s up to you. Be cautious when booking gigs back to back on the same day.

 Whether you’re modeling on the catwalk, posing for a painter and/or photographer, or acting in a play or movie, other people are counting on you. They have set aside time to work with you specifically. Their time is extremely valuable. You show respect for them and for your own career by arriving on time and ready to work.

 There’s more to come, so stay tuned for more from
Master Nick Roberts © 2013

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