Dead or alive, the cat is out of the box

Master_Nick-remembrance Note: The kitty pictured here is alive and well, symbolizing a mourner rather than one being mourned.

This piece has multiple meanings, both personal and universal. Like the unknown fate of Schrödinger’s imagined cat, there is something of both life and death here.

 The two central elements of this shot, the long black box and the kitty stretched atop it, were abandoned by one living by whim, rarely mindful of other lives tossed about like flotsam in an ever tumultuous wake. If we are wise, we can learn from experience to recognize the signs of the squall and steer clear.

 Alas, some storms can only be avoided so long.

 My family has lost three members over the last year, two within days of each other. They’ve touched many lives, and will be missed.
 Some memories are sweetly treasured. Others serve as cautionary lessons.

 We might well close there, yet this picture is worth a few more words, as humanity has ever seen symbols in the seasons. Witness the growth of green amongst amongst the dead Fall leaves scattered ’round the long black box. Even as we may grieve from individual loss, life goes on. So then shall there always be cause for hope.

Master Nick Roberts © 2013

 Memory, death, and hard lessons all play important parts in the book Gonzombie and Other Dark Tales, particularly in the short story of Bethani Lorcross, as well as in the upcoming novel featuring the same character.

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