Artistic Nude vs. Orthodoxy: BYOBB

 She brought her own body bag, then she slipped into it.

Master_Nick-Roberts-id_marks A sensitive soul might sense something unsettling about that. ‘Tis not unlike digging one’s own grave. To those with a healthy sense of compassion, any callous disregard for life breaks the heart and turns the stomach, yet many regard violence as a lesser evil. The mainstream mind finds a model playing dead to be less upsetting than a model posing unclad.

 ‘Tis a culture that plays torture porn on the big screen, but casts shame upon actual porn. Even widely-renowned artistic nudes are maltreated by the rabid minions of orthodoxy. Those who insist upon covering the breast of Lady Justice and the humble genitals of Michelangelo’s David are often the same who insist upon bombing our neighbors.

 Note that while your not-so-humble Master Nick does take commissions to design tattoos, I did not ink the form featured here. In this case, I’d say that I only photographed the body, yet I have left another sort of mark.

 Many image-hosting and social networking sites dictate terms of service that prohibit posting sexually explicit or violent imagery. ‘Tis a strangely archaic rule for a relatively new form of forum, and enforcement is arbitrary at best. As the mainstream mind would rather see a women covered by a body bag then uncovered and breathing, how might an artist post an explicit image without being flagged? By marking the form with something like the scarlet letter. The placement of this old logo covers something common to every human, the cleft of the buttocks. In this context, the mark both symbolizes and satirizes the shame we violently brand upon our natural born flesh.

“Identifying Marks”
Photography by
Master Nick Roberts © 2013

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