Murderers are not Heroes

Let’s clear up a misconception that’s all too common.
Torture and killing are destructive acts, not creative.

2011aug-madoctorobertsYes, there’s the argument that says you can’t create one thing without destroying something else, but don’t be stupid. You don’t have to slice someone up to write a song. You don’t have to feed people into an oven to paint a picture. Sure, write a song or paint a picture about such horrors, if you are so compelled, but don’t actually damage real people, nor praise those who do!*

Yes, twisted imaginations were at work in the invention of Medieval torture devices, but I don’t need to hear one more idiot tell me that their use was “creative.”

And please, I beg of you, no matter how much romance you may ascribe to outlaws, stop treating serial killers and genocidal maniacs like folk heroes.

Master_Nick-NurseXToo many maladjusted cretins, when speaking of all that Charles Manson, Jack the Ripper or even Adolf Hitler brought about, say, “…But ya gotta admire the genius!”


No, I don’t “gotta” do any such thing. If Hitler had succeeded in his art career, if “Jack” had been a healer dedicated to do no harm, if Manson had what it took to become a successful musician, then, maybe, I’d admire the genius. Rather, I am left in dumbfounded rage and sorrow over their murderous insanity. Ultimately, they were far more destructive than creative, so I have no praise for them, nor for the misguided fools who idolize them.

* Having drawn a line between creation and destruction, I shall also map out two personal distinctions.

Master_Nick-gonzombie3DAs will be obvious to anyone who knows me, or knows my work, I do have a great appreciation for horror in the arts, having a taste for harsh music, nightmarish imagery, and horrific fiction. Fiction is the key word. Even then, I’m drawn more to tales and films wherein the antagonists are purely fantastical creatures, (vampires, zombies, demons, and devils,) rather than sociopathic humans, torturing and killing. I’m already depressed enough regarding what human beings actually do to one another. For the most part, I shall leave the entertainments based on such atrocities to others.

Further— (And you might want to skip this paragraph, as it gets both graphic and personal—) I do enjoy topping in BDSM play—I repeat play—between consenting adults. A safe word is always established, and respected.
Master_Nick-cabaretdrfrankFurther, my own default setting is against permanent damage, or even the risk thereof. I don’t mean to disparage consenting adults that are into scarification and branding and such. These just aren’t for me. And come on, people—There are safer ways to get off than asphyxiation.

I’m more of a hedonist than a sadist. Regarding the “S” in BDSM, I have read far enough into DeSade’s fiction to see a disregard for compassion and human life that, if manifesting as more than fantasy, would entail criminal acts of violence. Please, don’t take the extremes of his work as a literal How-To manual. Again, those works are fiction.

Master_Nick-SuiCyberLegally, I don’t believe I could suggest that anyone who thinks actual torture and/or snuff is thrilling should, at the very most, start on themselves and end there. I will ask that you not inflict your madness on anyone else. I recommend that anyone unbalanced in such manner seek professional psychological counseling. And certainly, I say to the violently destructive and their fans, You are not welcome here.

For those can enjoy painstaking depictions of imagined horrors, as well as works of the erotic, surreal and fantastic, you’re welcome to return for more of the beautiful and bizarre from
Master Nick Roberts!

For disturbing fiction, (not a How-To manual, but fiction,) read “Gonzombie and Other Dark Tales”

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