How to Rise Above The Swarm

ringmaster-roberts-censored.jpgBecause basic expenses outstrip my budget, I often feel like I’m not working hard enough. Yet every now and then, someone points out that I work while I work.
I produce my largest works in what I call the Creatorium, my in-house painting studio/writing office. Currently, I’m working on dark and explicit 24″ x 30″ painting that should nicely compliment previous entries like Twine and The Sadistic Sideshow of Ringmaster Roberts.
master_nick-riseabove-swarmBut even whilst away from the Creatorium and out displaying the work, I’m still working. I’d brought sketch books to my exhibitions up until very recently. ‘Twas how pieces like “Phantom” and “Mary Had A Little Lamb” were born. Now I carry an 11″ x 14″ panel so I can lay out in pencil my next painting.
I’m keeping the latest and larger piece under my top hat for now, so in the meantime, here’s the smaller piece in progress, an addition to the Gallery from The Grave.

“Rise Above The Swarm”
Master Nick Roberts © 2013

Now I may just need someone to schmooze for me while I exhibit, ’cause damn it, I’d rather be working!

On that note, back to it!

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