Twine-Bound Twins Sold into Servitude

Like Dickensian ghosts, I come bearing news of the past, present and future!

ringmaster-nick-robertsMy posts have been sporadic of late. Every year, I become completely swamped in the weeks and months leading up to All Hallow’s Eve. (Believe it or not, I don’t get enough of a spooky fix throughout the year, even whilst living every night as if ’twere Halloween.) Then as special events claim every waking moment through December, I tell myself that I’ll take some time off in January – But of course, the first month of the new year is always spent catching up with all that piled over the holidays.
However hectic the times may be, ’tis good to take a moment to share word of the beautiful and bizarre!

First, here’s a taste of what you’ve been missing!

On Friday night, my sweetie’s dance troupe, the Bodacious Bombshells Burlesque Revue performed for a sold out house and knocked ’em dead!

master_nick-twine4webOn Saturday, I sold the painting titled Twine, wherein twin circus performers are bound by braided hair, thin ropes, and a slithering serpent. So if ever you were considering collecting that work for your very own – Too bad. You can’t. So there.
Okay, you may still order prints, and better yet, other paintings in the Crimson Kink series are still available, so snatch ’em up while you can! (Contact info below.)

On Sunday, the Bodacious Bombshells performed again, between sets of live singers and stand up comedy, all hosted by Robert Berry at Blue Lamp. The next time the BBBR joins forces with the RetroCRUSH Variety show, I highly recommend you catch it! That is, unless you don’t like laughing, titillation or music, in which case you are clearly an alien sent to infiltrate this planet, and have just given yourself away.

Between now and the next burlesque event, there a few Goth clubs at which I will also display my dark fantastic wares. Watch this space for info, or Like my FB page to recieve updates, or better yet, both!

For twisted fiction, acquire a copy of “Gonzombie and Other Dark Tales”

If collector, connoisseur,
or a patron you may be,
if my art you would procure,
to begin, please contact me.
Master Nick Roberts © 2013

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