Merry X-Mas

Master_Nick-xmas_elfMaster Nick, the Mischievous XXX-Mas Elf gleefully embraces the spirit of giving – yet in a wickedly warped sort of way.

If one is very, very nice, Nick bestows season’s beatings, festive floggings, and candy canings.

If, on the other hand, one is very, very naughty, Nick brings visions of mind-shattering horror, laughing all the way.

Whether he believes himself to be doing good or evil, or if indeed he thinks it’s all just a giggle, no one knows.
How can one hope to fathom a perspective so utterly other, even as it stares back into deepest pits of one’s own soul?

We can only glean that this Nick is no Saint.

To all a good night!

Master Nick, the Mischievous X-Mas Elf
Photo by my sweetie

Slide down the chimney for more of the beautiful and bizarre from
Master Nick Roberts!

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