Art work IS work

Painting goes through several stages.
The idea starts out as fun, even exciting.

Almost right away, the initial pencil works gets to be a painstaking chore. Still, it’s completely worth it, for everything that’s laid out properly in advance is one less thing that needs correcting later.

Then comes the broad painting stokes. This part of the work is actually kind of fun again. A great deal of the canvas or panel is covered in a relatively short amount of time. It lends to a sense of really getting something done.

But all too soon after comes the– [pause for dramatic effect–] fine detail painting. [Gasp in horror!] This stage revisits all the tiny, hand-cramping lines of pencilling, but employs much less precise tools and much messier materials.

‘Tis around this point that I wish I didn’t have this damnable work ethic, that I could be satisfied with the where-did-I-put-my-glasses blurriness of impressionism, or even the lazy sloppiness of abstract impressionism.

Alas, nay. I truly care about what I do. I am compelled to work my very hardest for the aficionado and patron.

On that note, I must close the curtain on today’s exhibition, to resume work on the painting in progress.
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Master Nick Roberts © 2014

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