Carnal Veil Unveiled

Step right up, Ladies and Gentlemen, but leave the boys and girls at home, for tonight, I draw back the crimson curtain to reveal a figure who walks a rickety stage raised between the heights of eroticism and the depths of horror!

This attraction in The Sadistic Sideshow has been many months in the making. I’m proud now to present the Carnal Veil!

Master_Nick-CarnalVeilCensr‘Tis an evocative moment in time. I dare say this scene is rendered both neatly and completely, yet many questions leap to mind.
Is the fantastic figure on stage an eager exhibitionist or a shrinking slave in the seediest sort of meat market?
Will our little lamb be eaten? If so, shall it happen in the figurative sense, tasted with not but the tips of many tongues, or shall she be literally gobbled up by big, bad wolves?
Will it comfort you to hear that this little lamb’s fate lies with you?
Which sort of dark fantasy tickles your taste?
Would you rather be aroused or afraid, amused or outraged?
Which mask will you wear?

If any option disturbs you, just keep telling yourself that it’s all part of the act, folks. ‘Tis just a bit of role-play, and thus no more or less than than we make of it. It’s a popular fiction, like civilization, sin, and the hereafter.
It’s all part of the act.

Before I make my final bow of the evening, I must give thanks to my benefactor who commissioned the work, thanks to author Suz deMello who arranged the meeting, and thanks to the model, the magnificent Angel of Troy!

As always, there shall be more of the beautiful and bizarre to come, so step right up again, and catch updates on exhibitions, publications, and more! 

And for more about wolf-men and other carnivorous creatures, acquire a copy of “Gonzombie and Other Dark Tales” (edited by the aforementioned Suz deMello!)

Master Nick Roberts © 2014

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