The Ringmaster Presents The Carnal Commission

ringmaster-roberts-censored.jpgLadies and Gentlemen, tonight I don the tall hat of your not-so-humble Ringmaster to raise the Crimson Curtain! Step right up and see what secrets lurk within the Carnal Veil!

Whatever thrill you desire, whether you seek to be amused, aroused or horrified, ’tis my pleasure to provide all of the above, often all at once!

For those, faint of heart, I bid you take courage! We shall not dismiss artistic carnality as base or vulgar, for with our living flesh, we drive the tent stakes deep, and erect the big top to the loftiest heights!

Master_Nick-CarnalCommissionMy latest work, Carnal Veil, was commissioned by one familiar with previous attractions in my Sadistic Sideshow. The dream he described was well in keeping with my own vision. Though depicting every little detail was painstaking, hand-cramping work, ’twas also a labor of love.

I dare say I do it so well that I’ve become the go-to guy for all your most twisted visions. (I did say that I am not so humble, didn’t I?)
Have you some sight in mind that you wish to see, as they say, in the flesh?
If collector, connoisseur,
or a patron you may be,
if my art you would procure,
to begin, please contact me.

Pictured above:
“The Sadistic Sideshow of Ringmaster Roberts”
“Twine” (SOLD) and “Carnal Veil” (SOLD)
Each acrylic on 24″ x 30″ panel

Step right up for exhibitions, publications, and more! 

And for twisted fiction, acquire a copy of “Gonzombie and Other Dark Tales”

Master Nick Roberts © 2014

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