Wing of Bat, Horn of Goat

I’ve painted the skin of the succubus, including the delicate webbing of her wings.

Let us muse upon these appendages for a moment.
As winged figures of legend go, succubi are more plausible than fairies or angels.

Fairies are generally depicted as young women, mammals, yet with the wings of insects. Angels are depicted as humanoid, mammalian, yet with the wings of a dove. Perhaps some ancient storyteller was a little unclear when expounding upon the birds and the bees… 

If some misguided human ever did seek to wed a bird or a bee, I can’t imagine that the mismatched couple would pass the blood test. If, on the other appendage, wings were grafted on surgically, I imagine that tissue rejection followed soon after. Even Icarus faced better odds than these.

Succubi are depicted as women, mammals again, with the wings of bats, another mammal.  Sometimes they have other protuberances, these on growing from atop the head––not insect antennae, but horns, also like those of certain mammals.

The tale of succubi’s origin– (I may share it one day–) is still passing strange, but at least it doesn’t involve banging a bug! (There’s some “Love Bug” joke to made, but it wouldn’t be strictly relevant, so let us refrain.)

Katra has generously agreed that more shall be revealed upon the morrow.

Fly by again to see the painting progress, and to catch updates on exhibitions, publications, and more! 

For a succubus story, among other twisted fictions, acquire a copy of “Gonzombie and Other Dark Tales”

Pictured Above: “Katra” work in progress
Master Nick Roberts
© 2014

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