Rise Above The Swarm – Part 6

Wait… Why do we say swarm?
Master_Nick-RiseAboveSwarm6Let us take a break from discussing the painting in progress to have a word regarding the nomenclature.
What does one call a group of zombies?

They’re not quite a pack. Though they tend to cluster and even hunt together, this is not due to any sense of community. Rather, the gathering is incidental, as they’re all drawn by the same sensory input, and driven by the same impulse to bite.

They’re not a herd, for that term is ordinarily applied to herbivores. Zombies are most certainly carnivorous.
One might well lift the term from a gathering of crows, and call a group of the ravenous undead a murder, but crows are largely carrion birds. While zombies will feed on a human body in the period between death and decay or reanimation, they are drawn first to feed on those still warm, the living.

Thus we come to swarm.

While zombies occasionally display reflexive behaviours left over from life, and may even employ objects as bludgeons or blades, they attack the living purely by instinct. Though some humans mistakenly project intelligence upon bees, insects likewise act on instinct. Without conscious thought, bees respond to stimuli and even attack the living.

tgarden3master-nick-4webNow if only the zombies would also do something pleasant like make honey or pollenate plants. (Heh. Zom-bees.) Alas, they only consume, destroy and grow in number…

Like humans.

Hmm… Perhaps a human term is in order. A market of zombies. A mob of zombies. An army of zombies.

Too disturbing. Let’s stick with swarm.

“Rise Above The Swarm”
Painting in progress
Master Nick Roberts © 2014

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