Comic Book Horrors and Mad Science

Rise Above The Swarm – Part 7

Master_Nick-RiseAboveSwarm7I’m a bit of a comic book geek.
In sooth, I’m so much a geek that I must specify that I don’t actually read many comics, (as in books intended to be funny,) as I do graphic novels, where the focus in on a compelling story. 

Though I’m certainly a fan of Escher, Giger, Parkes, Beardsley, Olivia, Vallejo and others, it may be the graphic novel influence on my work that comes through most clearly, especially in this series, wherein succubi and such do battle with the undead. 

That influence has become so much a part of me that I rarely need give it conscious thought, yet this night’s work reminded me. I’ve been giving colour to the garb and flesh of the zombies. One toward the lower left is clad in purple, while her skin has turned green through its time in the grave. I can’t look at that colour scheme and not think of The Incredible Hulk, the Atomic Age Mister Hyde. Either ironically or aptly, this zombie’s desiccated frame may more closely resemble the effects of a radiation overdose than does the Hulk’s.

Incidentally, though strange radiation was offered as a possible cause to the zombie outbreak in the original Night of The Living Dead, I suspect that another branch of mad science reanimated these shambling things.

“Rise Above The Swarm”
Painting in progress
Master Nick Roberts © 2014

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