Blind Seer Painting Complete!

“I can’t stop staring at it.”
It can’t stop staring at you.”
–Julian Greigh and Nick Roberts,
discussing the portrait of
The Blind Seer

Master_Nick-Blind_SeerWe are not objective beings. What we see is filtered through what we are primed to perceive.

We take gut feeling as evidence, and uncomfortable evidence as lies. We see threats where none exists, and miss those that do.

So who… or what are we seeing here?

Is this a friend, foe, or one so utterly other that such designations do not apply?

If the Blind Seer would deign to answer such questions– (if speech is even possible for one with an eye where the tongue should be–) would we weigh the answer fairly? Would we instead judge by our own preconceptions?

We might well look within ourselves, seeking insights as it were, but there’s the catch 22. Gaze into the mirror all you want. The mind behind those eyes is the very entity that skews what we see.

Master Nick Roberts © 2014

Look in again to watch the next painting progress, and catch updates on exhibitions, performances, publications and more!

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