New Painting COMPLETE!

How To Rise Above The Swarm: Sex and Violence

Ladies and Gentlemen, presented here is the latest in a series of paintings depicting zombies vs. succubi.
Aside from being totally bad-ass, what’s it all about?

A common complaint regarding numerous art forms is that there’s too much sex and violence. The phrase is repeated so often that this culture comes to automatically link sex and violence.

What if we’re so concerned with fictional sex and violence, that we’re distracted from addressing actual violence; abuse, brutality, wars and all those real life horrors that predate the arts as we know them?

What if succubi are regarded as soul-sucking demons because we reflexively equate sex with violence?

What if sex is in fact good? (I shall go ahead and state that sex is in fact good. There’s no what if about that one.)

If succubi, figures that feed on sex, may thus be regarded as sex symbols, while zombies, misbegotten monsters that feed on screaming flesh, are symbols of violence, then a battle between them is a twist on the old mismatched duo. This isn’t the standard, dreaded sex and violence. This is sex versus violence.

Sound like hippie fluff? Let us clarify that a succubus may employ whatever means necessary to defend her life, and her loved ones, and thus the capacity to love and make love as she wishes.
Ultimately though, given the choice between sex and violence, most healthy succubi (and humans) would prefer the former.

Are the lovers outnumbered by those who’d take what they want by force?
If so, how will the lovers survive with their sharing spirit intact?

Let us explore these questions, the worlds of what if, via the arts. 

“Rise Above The Swarm”
Acrylic on 11″ x 14″ panel
Master Nick Roberts © 2014

Rise again to watch the next painting progress, and catch updates on exhibitions, performances, publications and more!

For zombie stories, succubus fiction, and more, acquire a copy of “Gonzombie and Other Dark Tales”

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