Queen of Hearts Swings Her Axe

Master_Nick-QueenofHeartsbsYesterday, I shared a glimpse behind the scenes, posting a sketch that didn’t live up to my own standards. ‘Twas a depiction of a Queen of Hearts that did rock, and rock hard, but not quite hard enough.

Fortunately, my old dabbling in drumming came to the rescue of my painting prep work.

Back when our band Uberkunst played more than twice a year, we had a bass player who would destroy his instrument at the end of nearly every show– An expensive bit of showmanship. I don’t recall now how he could afford his rock and roll lifestyle. Must’ve have cost a Queen’s ransom.

The idea struck like a blow the head.

When the Queen swings her six string headsman’s axe, those in the front row best step back!

“Queen of Broken Hearts”
Pencil Sketch
Master Nick Roberts © 2014

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Burlesque in Wonderland
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