Alice with a Blue Dress On

Master_Nick-6alice-bluedressJust as young Alice once stood up to the Queen of Hearts, she grows up to cast off Victorian notions of ladylike decorum and modesty that would stifle her voice and bury her under countless layers of fabric. The little dress she wears now represents the art of style without restricting her movement. It is expression overcoming repression.

As unorthodox as this Alice may be, she still needs the same painstaking attention that every painting needs towards the end: that is dozens of maddening details. Dyeing her dress blue was the easiest of the night’s work. Adding each ruffle to her sleeves, apron and tights, and red to her lips and pendant were just the start of the hand-cramping little touches. Many more have been done, and there are many more to come!

Painting in progress
Master Nick Roberts © 2014

Drop in again down the rabbit hole to watch the painting progress, and to catch updates on exhibitions, performances, publications and more! 

For twisted fiction, including a tragic take on the mad tea-party, pick up a copy of “Gonzombie and Other Dark Tales”

Burlesque in Wonderland

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