Life, Death, and the Arts

Master_Nick-Raven-shell_beachThe Bodacious Bombshells Burlesque Revue foundress Raven Laroux and I, Master Artist Nick Roberts, have faced sinister Strangers, escaped Dark City, and made our way to Shell Beach.

In sooth, we actually escaped to Disney’s California Adventure park, as there is fun to be had, yet the Dark City aesthetic remains much on my mind, for it predates that film, and appears time and again in the arts.

Aside from the Strangers, the silver screen has brought us visions of Nosferatu, the Cenobites of Hellraiser, and the Borg of Star Trek.
Master_Nick-Blind_SeerOn canvas, we see another who looks right back into us, The Blind Seer.
Each of these is pale, bald, and clad in black from head to toe.

What other frightening figure bears that same spooky description?

The bone-white, black-cloaked, Grim Reaper.

Yes, the specter of death looms everywhere, yet we mustn’t let fear of some impending end keep us from living. Even as we face horrors, (preferable via the arts,) let us embrace the bliss of existence!

Stay tuned for news of suitably spooky and celebratory events, featuring music, dance, and other arts of the beautiful and bizarre! 

For twisted fiction, including several tales of the living dead, pick up a copy of “Gonzombie and Other Dark Tales”

“The Blind Seer”
Acrylic on Canvas

Master Nick Roberts © 2013

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