A flight of girly drinks sing thee to thy rest.

Master_Nick-flite0girlydrinxYeah, I’m a grown man and I like ridiculously rich, sweet stuff. I got three “girly” drinks at once whilst on vacation.
Deal with it.

In sooth, I was surprised when three liqueurs arrived, having thought I’d ordered just one. I’d never encountered the word “flight” regarding alcoholic beverages, (except in hack jokes about drunken pilots.) I even looked up “flight” afterward, but found no definition relevant to this context.
My sweetie, Bodacious Bombshells Burlesque Revue foundress Raven LaRoux, is well versed in wine tasting terminology, and explained to me what I’d ordered. Otherwise, I still wouldn’t know what that was all about.

‘Twas good, though.

vitae_vina-master_nick_robertsAll this reminds me of one of my favorite older pieces, one of the first I ever sold, “Vitae Vina”.
Here we see a succubus, close cousin to the vampire, capable of flight, but now perched ‘pon the rim of a drink.

One might hope that’s not but red wine is in that glass.

Once can hope.

goddesses-monsters4webMental jump to jump, now speaking of succubi, after our recent and well-received Jabberwocky burlesque number, Angel Kitty and I shall soon retake the stage, to perform a number about the much misunderstood succubus. There shall also be many other burlesque acts, a guest dance troupe, a live band, an exhibition of my own art, and more!

For more info on the May 10th burlesque show, Goddesses and Monsters, click here: https://www.facebook.com/events/295239363974080/
Tickets available at: http://goddessesandmonsters.brownpapertickets.com/

Fly by again to catch updates on exhibitions, performances, publications and more! http://www.facebook.com/TheArtOfMasterNick 

For twisted fiction, including a succubus story, pick up a copy of “Gonzombie and Other Dark Tales” http://tinyurl.com/gonzombie

Master Nick Roberts © 2014

Photo by Raven Laroux

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