Can you face oblivion?

Master_Nick-Angel0f_Death3Angel of Death: Part III
Painting in Progress

Unseen lanterns shine upon tombstones and crypts, casting long shadows, inky fingers creeping ever forward like the spectre of death.

But it gets scarier.

What if there’s nothing beyond the veil but the decay of the flesh and the dissolution of consciousness?

There’d be no heavenly reward for having followed an exceedingly dull path. Nor would there be eternal punishment enjoying the natural, rightful pleasures of your own flesh or that of willing partners.
Without the proverbial carrot or stick, what’s left for you to do?


To be clear, leaving behind archaic superstitions does not give you license to do absolutely anything. (For example, you still mustn’t hurt people who aren’t consenting masochists.) Nay, with only one world to consider, what you do here truly matters. Live, love, and strive for liberty and justice for all humanity in this world, for there is no other.

In this painting, Thani fights to stay alive, but is it from love of life, or fear of what torments may come after? Does she see herself as defender of love or an angel of death?

What dreadful notions were drilled into her mind when she was too young to fight back! What a terrible weight has been placed on her shoulders!
Now that she’s grown the wings of a succubus, here’s hoping that she can rise above the fear. Here’s hoping that you can. Here’s hoping we all can.

“Angel of Death”
Painting in progress
Master Nick Roberts © 2014

Fly by again to watch this painting progress, and catch updates on exhibitions, performances, publications and more!

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