Stories of Succubi, Generation of Worlds

Angel of Death: Part IV

Master_Nick-Angel0f_Death4Just a quick entry today.
Yesterday, I reintroduced myself to coffee, and I’ve been up all night writing. Principal subjects are those wonderful, winged women known as succubi.

The mysterious Katra is featured in the current story, (as well as briefly mentioned in Gonzombie and Other Tales.)
Much further down the road, Katra brings Thani, a wounded young woman, back from the brink of death. Soon after, Thani rides with death in the aforementioned Gonzombie tale. Further along still, Thani faces death once again, in the form of the living dead, as pictured in this painting in progress.

While each figure cries in their own voice to have their story told, all tales are ultimately one, entwined in worlds that very few are privileged to see.

“Angel of Death”
Painting in progress
Master Nick Roberts © 2014 

Fly by again to watch this painting progress, and catch updates on exhibitions, performances, publications and more!

For a Thani story, zombie bites, and similarly twisted fiction, acquire a copy of “Gonzombie and Other Dark Tales”

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