Succubus Pantsed the Preacher

Master_Nick-preacher-pantsedAfraid a succubus may swallow your soul?

Consider the following:

“If one is drained upon the dawn,
It needn’t mean one’s soul is gone.
‘Twas just a long and pleasant night,
Of fueling winged woman’s flight!

“The Cult of Motherless Father
Dubs her a soul-sucking demon,
Yet spirits are not worth her bother.
She prefers supping ‘pon semen.

Excerpt from “Song of the Succubus”
Nick Roberts © 2014

No succubus has stolen my soul, but this one did take my trousers.
‘Tis good that we were on stage for a Bodacious Bombshells show, where the loss of garb is not wholly inappropriate!

Master Nick Roberts as the Preacher Man,
and Bodacious Bombshells burlesque dancer Angel Kitty as the Sultry Succubus.
Photography by Sparkling Star Photography.

Fly by again to see more succubi on both camera and canvas, and to catch updates on exhibitions, performances, publications and more!

For a succubus story and similarly twisted fiction, acquire a copy of “Gonzombie and Other Dark Tales”

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