The End and Beginning, Succubi and Shame, Burlesque and Other Arts

Master_Nick-Succubus-AngelOver the last week or so, we’ve delved so deeply into the Song of The Succubus because the performances of Angel Kitty and all the other burlesque dancers were awesome as ever, (the Bodacious Bombshells always put on a fantastic show,) and because there are a lot of great succubus pictures to share. Oh– and because I wrote the Succubus lyrics and played The Preacher Man.
Here’s the last of the poem and pics, before I get on to the next batch of projects upon the morrow.

“To those whose spite grew out of fear,
The winged ones shall not appear.
Such men shan’t know the joy they’ll miss:
The soul aglow with naked bliss!

“So raise a glass– (or member–) high,
To all the loving succubi!
And raise a toast to all of us
Who dare to love the succubus!

Excerpt from “Song of the Succubus”
Nick Roberts © 2014

Master_Nick-Succubus-PreachYesterday, I proposed the radical notions that we stop feeling bad about our bodies and stop casting shame upon the flesh of  others.

Wanna hear another concept this culture has yet to fully embrace?

Sex is not shameful, and pleasure is not evil.

We’re the only mammals with this neurotic impulse to hide both our flesh and our sexuality. Ours is a madness that makes us miserable.

In painting, writing, and performing, I stand with the lofty mission to help humanity to learn to love humanity (in every sense of the word love.)
Through horror and the occasional bit of satire, I also expose the misguided notions and hypocrisy which stands in our way.
There’s so much more to come!

Is that a microphone in my hand, or am I just happy…
Wait a minute– I am happy, but I’d intended give credit where it’s due, so here I go!
Master Nick Roberts as the Preacher Man, and Bodacious Bombshells burlesque dancer Angel Kitty as the Sultry Succubus.
Photography by Oscar Benjamin and Sparkling Star Photography.

Fly by again to see more succubi on both camera and canvas, and to catch updates on exhibitions, performances, publications and more!

For a succubus story and similarly twisted fiction, acquire a copy of “Gonzombie and Other Dark Tales”

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