Lana Del Rey Cabaret and Tales of Dark Fantasy

I’m back, baby!
Where have I been, and why should you care?
bbbr-Lana_Del_ReyWhat questions!
I’ll answer ’em.
Rather than blogging, I’ve been focusing all writing time on my second book. The first one is terrifically twisted, so there’s something for you right there––unless you’re chicken. Bawk! Bawk! Bawk!

Of course, I shall still bring out the visual art on occasion, especially to accompany that fantastic dance troupe, the Bodacious Bombshells Burlesque Revue!

The next BBBR performance is a tribute to that sultry singer
Lana Del Rey!

There’ll be dancing! There’ll be striptease! And as you’ve most likely surmised, there’ll be acts performed to the mesmerizing music of Lana Del Rey!

raven_laroux-legsup4web★ The ravishing Raven LaRoux shall star as your Mistress of Ceremonies!

★ ALSO STARRING: Sugar Cheeks ★ Belle Du Jour ★ Electra Heart ★ Batty Brûlée ★ Venus Ala Mode ★ Co-emcee Libertine the Obscene ★ Penny Weiss
assisted by our charming Chickadees and gorgeous Guy Fridays!

PLUS peruse the unflinching fiction and art of
Master Nick!

and for the 21+ crowd, this room has an amazing array of libations! 
Which room?
It’s funny you should ask…
Witch Room
1815 19th St. Sacramento Ca 95811

Doors at 8:00pm • Show at 9:00pm
$10 cash at the door

Dance in again to catch updates on exhibitions, performances, publications and more! 

For twisted fiction, pick up a copy of “Gonzombie and Other Dark Tales”
Master Nick Roberts
© 2014

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