Burlesque and the Artistic Nude

What an evening!
The crowd loved last night’s performance by the Bodacious Bombshells Burlesque Revue!
Master_Nick-wine-andasmileI was pleased further that my first book sold at this event, proving once again that burlesque aficionados are also readers. World, take note: explicit art shall not be dismissed as lowbrow. We heed both the dark passions and the intellect, and we shall not be silenced!

As this was a weeknight show, and not one of our usual signature shows in a large theatre like The Colonial, not every dancer had the chance to take the stage. Still they shine.

Today, I’m pleased to feature an artistic nude of one troupe member who did not appear last night, but did take time this week to pose for a character in my upcoming second book.

Who is this bombshell, and what character does she play?

Of her character, I shall reveal for now that she is a succubus, (though her wings are cleverly hidden here ‘neath a long, dark cloak.) Her stage name will remain, for now, a mystery. Stay tuned, and I may share it…

“Wine and a Smile”
Photography by
Master Nick Roberts © 2014
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Nick Roberts © 2014

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