How to Create an Art Series by Accident

Lie back, put your feet up,
and realize that even our deviations have purpose.
BoundThen get back up and get to work!

By design, most of my works stand in series largely distinct from one another, yet all are connected by theme and by fiction. Zombies and succubi, masochists and mad scientists may seem like strange bedfellows, but through these we explore our attitudes towards sex, death, and our attempts to control, for good or ill, these functions of nature.

Master_Nick-cuffs-and-shacklesDespite proceeding with a particular set of projects to pursue, another grew organically.

Some time ago, an actress/model I know posed for my camera and canvas. She has subsequently appeared in three separate pieces. One painting in particular, “Bound” became especially popular. In the pictured pose, she lay back with her head toward the viewer and her legs stretched up against the far wall.

raven_laroux-legsup4webAs my skill with the camera increased in capturing photographic reference, I was sought for boudoir shots and burlesque promotional pics. This week, the work came full circle, returning to simplicity through a strangely circuitous route. I photographed a member of the Bodacious Bombshells Burlesque Revue as photo reference for a painting which should serve as one of many illustration in my upcoming second book. ‘Twas then that I realized I had a good start on another series, developed almost by accident.

The figures pictured here may seem submissive. As I’m known in some circles as Master Nick, my role as Top may seem an absolute surety. Yet I dislike dictators, even within my own mind. Having worked on both sides of the camera and canvas, I do recognize that models are artists in their own right.
Master_Nick_margeauxLegsUpI begin each shoot with a particular vision in mind, then once I have what I need as a painter, I may indulge other ideas. Time and again, a model points to “Bound” and asks if she can pose like that. I’ve often answered that she can indeed.

I remain dedicated to writing and painting, maintaining control of the vision’s direction through most every waking hour. Yet I let up on the reigns just a bit for perhaps half an hour here and there, and another art series still results.

Live your greatest passions to the fullest, and you will form habits that reinforce your greatest strengths in ways that may surprise you.

Painting and Photography by
Master Nick Roberts © 2014
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