Suppressing Imaginary Nudity: Update

Master_Nick-Rise-AboveSwarmI recently wrote about hearing from Facebook that one of my posts had been reported for nudity. To recap the salient points, it wasn’t my post but rather a reply to my post, and there was no nudity. Still, FB went on to say, “We’ll review your post in the next few days. If we determine that it doesn’t follow our standards, it will be removed.” Since then, some FB gatekeeper has apparently imagined nudity where there was none, and removed the post.

I didn’t think censorship could become any more ludicrous, but here we are.

By the way, the artistic nude paintings featured here? They weren’t in the post. I just wasn’t going to tease you by mentioning nudity in the headline then having none in the subsequent story.

Master_Nick-RobertsMazhiqueAlso by the way, some say that it’s only censorship if it’s a government official monitoring you and suppressing whatever may be deemed as unacceptable. I shan’t split that particular hair. One needn’t be a public official to be an officious prig. Still, for those who may be even more anal about language than I am, let’s say that the suppression of expression is bloody ludicrous, whether committed by a public or private entity.

But wait! Where does private end an public begin? Public officials in the hip pocket of private entities may actually pose a threat to free expression! For an entertaining primer, click here:

Would you like to freely express your views on free expression? You may do so here:

Speak your minds, fellow humans! Let no one suppress what you would express!

For reasons that should be obvious, I’m leaving Facebook behind. From now on, if you’d like news on art exhibitions, burlesque performances, book releases, and other glimpses of the beautiful and bizarre, feel free visit and subscribe to my blog.

You can also find me on Twitter, at least until they inevitably pull similar crap. 

For uncensored fiction, acquire a copy of “Gonzombie and Other Dark Tales”

Pictured above: “Rise Above The Swarm” and “Mazhique”
Paintings by
Nick Roberts
© 2014
To acquire this piece, or to commission custom work, contact me.

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