Criticize or Create

What do you want to do?
Have you ever spent an hour and a half or more watching a movie only to find afterward that you wanted your time back? Have you ever thought, “My five year old could’ve done that,” regarding a painting in a gallery? Have you ever finished reading a novel not because you enjoyed it, but because you’d started to read it, and you bloody well finish what you start? Have you ever heard music that just plain irritated you?

The odds are that you most likely answered yes to at least one of these questions. If so, have you ever ranted about it, either aloud or in writing?
I’m embarrassed to say that I have. Why embarrassed? Because I am a multimedia artist. Once I’ve spent the time taking in a work of art which didn’t impress me, I still have a choice regarding what I do next. I could fill the following hours either writing a scathing review, or writing my next book of fiction. The last book is getting kind of lonely. Thus I shall sign off in just a moment, so I may add another chapter.

For the nonce, I wish only to share a bit of guidance which helps me stay on track whenever I heed it. If you’re not finding the kind of book, painting, music, movie or stage show that you want, then make it yourself!
Master_Nick-NFXVI-animated 23-41-09Nick Roberts © 2014
What inspired this post? Well, I recently allowed myself a sidetrack, and wrote a lengthy piece remarking on the dull presentation of indie musicians, regarding not the music, but the nondescript visuals in their stage shows. Fancy that, I like to see a little theatre on stage! Yet if I’m not satisfied that someone else has no stage presence or flair, it’s incumbent upon me to bring it myself. And so I shall! I’ve done it before, and I’ll do it again. I have at least two or three performances coming up this year, and beyond the music, they will involve more than people clad in mundane street clothes. Details coming soon, so stay tuned!

Watch this space for updates on exhibitions, performances, publications and more!

For twisted fiction, acquire a copy of “Gonzombie and Other Dark Tales”

“Bound” acrylic on canvas by
Master Nick Roberts
 © 2014

To acquire this piece or commission another, contact me.

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