How to interpret what she says

No means no.

tgarden4web-master_nickOf course, “No,” should be self explanatory. (I paint images of women in bondage, and even I know to respect a no.) Yet people get this wrong all the time. In fact, “No means no,” is getting to be an old expression, specifically because so many apparently still need the lesson repeated. And it doesn’t end there. Do you know, there are a few other subtle and not so subtle cues which some still miss? For those who may need a bit of clarification, don’t worry. I’ll walk you through them.

Say you’re at a bar, or in a laundromat, or on the street, or anywhere at all, and a woman is ignoring your attempts to gain her attention. You can take that to mean, “Leave me alone.” And if you’re wondering what to do when a woman wants you to leave her alone, I’ll tell you. It’s super easy. Simply leave her alone.

If, rather than just ignoring you, a woman says right out loud, “Leave me alone,” don’t panic. The correct response is the same. Leave her alone.

Master_Nick-succubusTempThe principle applies no matter how she may word the message. For example, if a woman says, “Get the hell away from me,” that would be a very good time to get the hell away from her. To put it in the parlance with which we are now all familiar, leave her alone.

Perhaps she words it as, “Fuck off!” Finding the correct response to this variant seems especially challenging to some people. Some are even tempted to argue. Don’t. It doesn’t lead anywhere good. There’s a much easier course of action, one you already know if you’ve read this far. Leave her alone.

Does this apply only to men seeking the attention of women? Not at all! I have at least one cyber-stalker that needs to learn that my ignoring her means, “Leave me alone.” But guys, today I’m talking to you. Just as no really means no, anything at all synonymous with leave me alone means leave me alone.

Like I said, it’s super easy!

Nick Roberts © 2014

Though I mentioned above that I paint women in bondage, today I am inspired to post paintings of women kicking ass.
You can find more of this series here:

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Watch this space for updates on exhibitions, performances, publications and more!

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