Farewell Angel Kitty, Marvelous Model and Bodacious Dancer

Master_Nick-JabberwockittyBodacious Bomshells Burlesque Revue dancer and model Angel Kitty is returning to the land from whence she came. I was privileged to have her pose for my camera and canvas, and to appear on stage with her in several acts.

Last night, she played naughty nurse to my madman, a mental patient with monsters both on the mind and in it. While the Nurse/Kitty danced, I recited rhymes lines which tie in with my next book of horrific fiction.

I’ll soon have pictures from last night’s show, and at some point after, more news on the coming novel. In the meantime, here’s a pic from our first act together, a burlesque performance of Jabberwocky, a poem by Lewis Carroll, featured in Alice’s Adventures Through The Looking-Glass. 

Also in the meantime, do peruse my first book of twisted fiction, “Gonzombie and Other Dark Tales” (edited by acclaimed author of vampire erotica, Suz deMello!) http://tinyurl.com/gonzombie

Catch updates on exhibitions, performances, publications and more! https://twitter.com/MasterNickCom

Here’s wishing Angel Kitty great luck and safe travels!

Master Nick Roberts © 2014

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