Burlesque Monster in Mind: Conclusion

Master_Nick-naughty-nurse-6In lyric form, I’ve warned of a Starmouth monster which feeds on madness, pain and fear, yet is blind to those in a state of ecstatic, erotic bliss. As Naughty Nurse, Angel Kitty danced in a manner which just may have saved the Bodacious Bomshells Burlesque Revue audience from the monster’s hunger.
For the first few photos and stanzas, click here.
And now, the conclusion of The Starmouth song.

Master_Nick-Naughty_Nurse4Tempt the sexless, bitter souls,
from virgin prude to aged prune,
lest their minds be swallowed hole,
and they take up the Starmouth tune.

Not for my sake do I plead.
It may be too late for me.
I’ve given what the creature needs,
mine eyes and my insanity.

I bid thee all, please be prepared
to never spend the night alone,
for ecstasy is best when shared,
and keeps Starmouth from thy skull bones.

Master Nick Roberts © 2014
Come again for news of the next burlesque event, and for updates on the upcoming novel featuring the Starmouth monster and many others!
In the meantime, do peruse my first book of twisted fiction, “Gonzombie and Other Dark Tales” (edited by acclaimed author of vampire erotica, Suz deMello!)

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Photographs courtesy of Sudden Snapshots!
Horrorific Make-up by
Nick Roberts!

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