Zuckerberg, Batman and Spiderman in the News

Master_Nick-Spider_SnuggieOur top story tonight: Mark Zuckerberg shocked the world when he revealed the true identities of both Batman and Spider-man. He now denies any culpability for the subsequent violent deaths of Bruce Wayne’s butler and Peter Parker’s Aunt at the hands of diabolical super-villains.

When questioned about the rumour that he’s been accepted into the Legion of Doom, Zuckerberg boomed, “You dare to question me? You sniveling fools!” 


On Facebook’s personal pages, artists are not permitted to promote their work under their stage name or nom de plume. FB’s remaining option, the “Like” page, offers a more limited interface, reducing users’ ability to communicate with followers or tag colleagues.

Everyone, including transgendered people and women escaping abusive relationships, are being required to reveal their birth name on Facebook, rather than their chosen identity. Employment, the outcome of custody disputes, and people’s very safety is often at stake.

Long story short—Too late—There are clearly valid reasons for wanting privacy. Facebook’s long record of disrespecting personal privacy is only getting worse. As people once migrated from Friendster to MySpace, and from MySpace to Facebook, it’s time leave FB’s Big Brother tactics behind.

For now, you can find me and what I choose to share right here, and on Twitter.

If you have news of a social networking site which lets you share what you wish without insisting upon spilling what you regard as private, do let me know! If I try your suggestion and find it meets these requirements, I’ll gladly spread the word!

Pictured: The Maniacal
Master Nick, clad in a Spider-man Snuggie outed from Peter Parker’s bedroom closet.

For word of deeds no less monstrous, acquire a copy of “Gonzombie and Other Dark Tales” 

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