Riddle me this, Ayn Rand

How often has someone with multiple pairs of shoes in their closet said, “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps,” to someone who couldn’t afford boots?

Were self-made men actually spawned of their own willpower rather than conceived of sperm and egg? Were they nourished through infancy on their own sweat? By the aforementioned implausible act of pulling themselves up by their bootstraps, do they levitate everywhere rather than riding on public roads?

How often has a well fed person said, “Quit yer belly-achin’,” to someone suffering hunger pains? For that matter, how often has a fully insured person said this to an under-insured person suffering ulcers, or severe ovarian cysts, or stomach cancer?

What is the fiscally conservative and/or libertarian plan regarding orphans, the chronically ill, or the elderly? Might that plan involve the destitute dying and decreasing the surplus population?

How many Social Darwinists believe in creationism and never see the irony?

Here’s an old one, but an apt one. How many Social Darwinists does it take to screw in a light bulb?

None. They only screw the poor.

Hey, anyone who mistakes compassion for weakness and believes that charity breeds still more weakness should be strong enough to take a fuckin’ joke!

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