Burlesque, Painting and Poetry

Master_Nick_Burlesque2014SeptAt the most recent Bodacious Bombshells Burlesque Revue, ’twas my great pleasure to present a painting of BBBR founder Raven LaRoux, and introduce the wonderful woman herself playing a blackbird in the Malevolent Menagerie. I gave this presentation in the form of a poem I’d written for the occasion. Included here is a picture from the performance, the aforementioned painting, and the lyrics.


Gentlemen, ladies,
lend eyes and lend ears.
While I present creatures
who dwell in your fears.

Vamp bats who suck red,
succubi sucking seed,
or carrion birds–
‘pon the dead do they feed–

They’ve something in common–
such wonderful things!
Each of these creatures
Can fly upon wings.

Master_Nick-Katra-censoredI’ve rendered one scene from
a wet nightmare’s tale.
This painting and prints
can be yours! They’re for sale!

Unveiled here is Katra,
The Succubus Queen!
Unveiling herself,
A blackbird shall be seen.

A marvelous model
has posed for the arts.
Still spreading her wings,
She plays many more parts:

Artistic director,
producer and foundress,
My partner, a dancer,
The Diva of Darkness!

It pleases me to
introduce her to you.
Give a round of applause
for Raven LaRoux!

Nick Roberts © 2014

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