Super Art vs. HatMan

It seems that someone always gets in the way of my depravity!

Master_Nick-2014oct-bluedong1Included here are pictures fresh from the UBERKUNST performance at this year’s NorCal NoiseFest.
Here you can see one of our guest burlesque dancers wrapping herself in a chain as one might with a feathered boa. Alas, our other guest has danced almost entirely out of frame. Yet that’s not the only issue I have with this shot. Here I am banging out beats on a wooden phallus, but there’s a man in a hat in the way of the (money) shot!
There must be some kind of “cock block” joke at work here.
Of course, I’d never stoop to such crude humour, so moving on…

Master_Nick-2014oct-RavenHere again are the aforementioned dancers. One is now wielding her chain like a proper weapon, while the other has presented her backside for rhythmic spanking.
Ah, but we can barely make out more than one cheek, let alone yours truly administering the punishment, ’cause there again is that blasted HatMan!
Curse you, HatMan! Cuuurse yoooou!

…Unless you release some of those shots you took from your much better angle right up front, ’cause those should be wonderfully wicked indeed.

Master Nick Roberts © 2014
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