Trumpy, you can do magic things!

Master_Nick-2014oct-spankeesHere we see two burlesque dancers presenting their backsides for rhythmic spanking, while I, bearing a pair of paddles, stand ready just out of frame.

But this post isn’t about such shenanigans.

Uberkunst’s fearless leader Jetrock has summoned — by which I mean constructed — a demon.
Fear the demon! Fear this fabricated representation of evil! FEAR IT!
MST3K-Pod_People-coverFans of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 may find something familiar about the demon’s head. In one episode, MST3k presented a dreadful flick called Pod People (originally titled The New Extraterrestrials, trying to cash in on the popularity of E.T.) This film features two identical aliens, each with the body of an ewok, the ears of an elf, the snout of an elephant, and the cranium of a conehead.

One of these aliens, dubbed “Trumpy,” has telekinetic powers which he uses to amuse the boy who named him after an exaggerated physical characteristic. Presumably the boy considered naming his alien friend “Pinhead” or “Dumbo,” but didn’t want to be too cruel.

The boy exclaims in delight, “Trumpy, you can do magic things!” Presumably, Trumpy’s extraordinary abilities seem like magic to Earth’s youngest local yokels. In sooth, it’s all just special effects, though perhaps not that special.

The other alien kills a group of poachers, which makes sense in the context of the film, then goes on to murder a number of young women, which makes no sense and does make this flick very hard to watch, even when it’s being heckled by robots.

Master_Nick-2014oct-bluedong2Toward the end of our latest Uberkunst performance, we destroyed the Trumpy-headed demon, which might have been cathartic after watching the abominable Pod People, if only I’d made the connection at the time.

Still, smashing apart a demon was pretty satisfying considering how many people mistake myth for reality, fiction for fact, and thus assume that I worship the devil, or that there is indeed any devil to worship or fear in the first place.

It’s all part of the act, folks!
Art is the true magic. Artists take one set of energies and transmute them into others, painting fantastical figures, making music, performing strange acts on stage and screen, and writing tales which challenge one’s sense of disbelief.

Screw Trumpy, and screw the demon. Artists do magic things!

Master Nick Roberts © 2014
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