I dare you to particpate. I double-dog dare you.

patriatersWe interrupt our regularly scheduled art-related post to ask you – nay, beg you to vote!

Don’t think your vote makes any difference?

Then why are voter intimidation tactics still employed by those with the funds and connections to do so? And why does each side spend so much money on their campaigns?

It’s simple. They wouldn’t bother if voting didn’t matter.

Don’t like the moral compromise of voting for the lesser evil out of the most likely contenders?

Consider that by voting against the worse evil, you help mitigate their potential to ruin lives.

Do you believe that you have other ways to bring about positive change?

If your approach is non-violent, that’s awesome. More power to ya. Still, I propose that you also take one part of this one day to address a front line that might otherwise be neglected by people of conscience.

You matter if you decide to matter.
Don’t give up!

Nick Roberts © 2014
The art will return tomorrow.
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