Jabberwock : The Home Stretch

Master_Nick-Jabberwock7So it comes to this.
It always comes to this. The last few nights’ work on any painting involves filling in lots of little hand-cramping details. At the end of a session, it scarcely looks like I’ve done anything. All I see is the rest of the tiny details yet to be tended. It’s at times like these that I almost envy the abstract impressionist who could literally throw paint on a canvas then ascribe to it some woolly simulacrum of meaning. Alas, I have this accursed work ethic and an aversion to being an utter charlatan.
Rather than spatter, I’ve deepened the purple of the hero’s cloak and given him other purple touches on the sleeves. I’ve added more of those bony tree branches. I’ve begun to color the Caterpillar’s hookah. I’ve added highlights to the Jabberwock’s whiskers, and have given him a second wing, because they tend to come in pairs.
There’s been even more insanely detailed work than I’ve described here, and I’ll soon post still more upon the morrow.
‘Till then and beyond, I am
Master Nick Roberts © 2014
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