Kitty and Creation

Master_Nick-PandoraI’ve wrapped this month’s burlesque sideshow performance and have collected my paintings from my latest exhibition. Now it’s time to settle in and weave my next work of dark fantastic fiction.

My kitty Pandora loves to sit on my lap when I’m working. This is not terribly convenient, but I’ve learned to work around her. This morning however, she decided to drape herself across the arm of my dominant hand and turn her rear toward my face. Thankfully, she didn’t quite have her butt in my face, yet her tail tickled my nose. This got me giggling so hard that she climbed down off of me. She’s just turned to look back with an expression that seemed to say that as she views me a furniture, it is my job to stay still for her. She does not want her perch shaking with laughter.

She very cute, but now that she’s down, I can get back to work.


Master Nick Roberts 
If you’d like to peruse a previous batch of fiction, do peruse a copy of 
“Gonzombie and Other Dark Tales” 
(edited by acclaimed author of vampire erotica, Suz deMello!)

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