Fifty Shades of Red

Safe and Sane or Dangerously Deranged?

Master_Nick-Birth-of-VenusMy sweetie and I just caught a sneak preview of Fifty Shades of Grey, for what else would an author of twisted fiction/fetish artist and the founder of a burlesque revue do on a weekday night? (Don’t think too hard about that. I wouldn’t tell you if you guessed right anyway.)

For those who’ve somehow hitherto dodged knowledge of 50 Shades, here’s the gist in just one sentence. Anastasia Steele, a naive young virgin just getting out of college, is reeled into a relationship with sadistic business magnate Christian Grey.

It’s been suggested that I should tie promotion of my Crimson Kink paintings to the film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey. I find the idea questionable, yet tempting. 
For one, tying my work to that of another feels too much like riding on someone’s coattails. Yet I can counter this argument. I created my paintings completely independently of Fifty Shades. Further, I believe there’s something to the notion that Fifty Shades itself began as Twilight fan fiction, riding another set of coattails, (but more on that later.)

command4web-nick_robertsAnother issue I have is that from the excerpts I’ve read, Fifty Shades does not always present safe, sane and consensual play so much as depict an abusive megalomaniac. Having now seen the film, I gather that some of the less palatable aspects were played down in the adaptation, (along with much of the sex,) yet I still take issue with the character Christian Grey.

Grey is a stalker. At one point, he shows up inside Anastasia’s apartment. He later follows her to another state to interrupt time with her mother. Early on, he tracks her to a bar to save her both from her own intoxication and from the kind of pushy “friend” who might use the term “friend zone.” Yes, Grey appears just in the nick of time, but who the hell appointed him as her guardian? For those who don’t already know, if someone follows you, even allegedly “for your protection,” you’ll most likely end up needing protection from the self-appointed protector.

corner4web-master-nickPerhaps you can also see why 50 Shades is regarded as Twilight fan fiction. Let’s break it down, from the dangerous-but-sparkly vampire / sadistic-but-wealthy businessman perspective.
Paraphrasing here:

“You’re weaker and younger than I, and I’m attracted to your virginal beauty. I’m dangerous and you should stay away from me, but I’m going to insert myself (heh) into your life anyway. Oh, and you must do whatever I say.”

BoundEnjoy Fifty Shades if you’re so inclined, but please don’t mistake it for a how-to manual. I’m not here to write such a manual myself –– I have another book of fiction to write instead. I will say that if you’re interested in kink, study up on being safe, sane, and consensual, and remember that someone who ignores safe words is not to be trusted.

And finally, why not? Here a link to my own kink art.

"Made of Moonlight"

“Made of Moonlight”

One hint for any who might miss the distinction:  Most of my Crimson Kink series depicts consensual play. Alternately, when the work features sharp things and/or (un)dead bodies, the work falls into the horror genre, so don’t try it at home!

Master Nick Roberts © 2015

If you’d like to peruse a previous batch of fiction, do pick up a copy of
“Gonzombie and Other Dark Tales”
(edited by acclaimed author of vampire erotica, Suz deMello!)

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