A Writer’s Shame

Master_Nick-gonzombie3DWhile working on my next twisted tale, I just misspelled something.
Okay, it happens, but the word was “inarticulate.”
I am so ashamed.

Just now, posting my shame, I misspelled “misspelled.”
I say that I really do know how to spell these things, and Spell Check replies, “Yeah. Right.”

In sooth, this happens all the time for the same reason that I occasionally stutter. I’m thinking of various ways to best express the next thought before I’ve fully articulated the present one.
One might attribute my habit of getting ahead of myself to yet another habit, a downright heroic intake of coffee. I’d counter that my capacity for typos and stammering manifested long before I was gifted with a Mister Coffee.
Still, my next cup shall runneth over with water, not caffeine. Further, I shall not hang my head in shame, nor bang it against a wall, but rather I shall get back to the work at hand, and let Spell Check earn its keep!

Master Nick Roberts © 2015

If you’d like to peruse my previous batch of fiction, with “Succubus v. Zombie” cover art by yours truly, do pick up a copy of
“Gonzombie and Other Dark Tales”
(edited by acclaimed author of vampire erotica, Suz deMello!)

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