Put it in the art!

Featured imageWhen something makes me mad enough to rant, a friend, mentor, and artistic colleague Julian Greigh tells me, “Put it in the art!”
‘Tis sound advice.

I know of someone who’s been slandering my family for over twenty years. In my current story, his avatar get’s punched so hard by a super-heroine that he flies off over the horizon. (Yes, there’s a bit of dream logic involved.)
Some day, a similarly strange fictional fate may befall a representation of one who slanders my sweetie, and regularly presents our work as her own.
Though experience shows that I can just sit back and watch people’s karma catch up with them, I take inspiration where I can find it. Those who insist on doing evil shall only fuel the art which reveals the darkness of their souls.
The names have been changed (slightly) to protect the guilty, so as turnabout goes, those with mouths full of bullshit are getting off easy.

On that note, back to the writing!

Master Nick Roberts  © 2015
If you’d like to peruse my previous batch of fiction, do pick up a copy of
“Gonzombie and Other Dark Tales”
(edited by acclaimed author of vampire erotica, Suz deMello!)

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