Stephen King’s Shining New Year

shining-overlook-hotel-nickGreetings, and Happy New Year!

This picture from The Shining reminds me of an event I recently attended. My sweetie took me to a holiday party with a 1920’s theme. Added Art Deco touches enhanced an already beautiful venue. Peter Petty’s band played many of my favorite old jazz tunes. Numerous attendees, myself included, dressed to fit the time period. It all had a strangely familiar sense, as if I’d been there before. Perhaps the scene simply brought other movies to mind. It felt so much like an old film that I half expected a shootout between mobsters and a private dick to interrupt the meal.
Speaking of, the pasta and champagne were tasty. Dark times may lurk on the horizon, in a manner more akin to The Dead Zone than The Shining or any of my own tales. No mater what may come, or how dreadful elements of the passing year has been, ’twas good to close on a happy note.
Here’s hoping happiness comes to you and yours.
Master Nick
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“Gonzombie and Other Dark Tales”
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