Rising from the Ashes

2016kat_succubus-cnsrEver have a group project go down in flames?
I have, more times than I care to recall.
After swearing off collaborative workswith the exception of the occasional Uberkunst show or project with Julian GreighI’m now involved in one of the most complicated works I’ve ever undertaken. The fact that I’d even touch such an endeavor shows just how much I believe in it.
I’ve written a book of my own. I’ve done illustrations for other peoples’ books. I’ve photographed models as reference for my own paintings. Now I’m taking pictures of the artist Lacie Dawn to be employed as reference for another artist, Robert Pickman, set to illustrate a novel series being written by Roderick Thorne. The worlds each of us see and convey overlap so well that even I, a skeptic, might say we share a psychic bond. Let us at least call it a common dark fantastic vision.
I’ve taken a great deal of time off from this page to focus on the coming series, but as you can tell I’m getting so giddy I can scarcely wait to share.
More to come soon, including an uncensored version of the image above if the requests come in. If you believe as I do that art must never be shy, let me hear it!
Master Nick © 2017
If you like to peruse twisted, explicit fiction, do pick up a copy of my first book,
“Gonzombie and Other Dark Tales”
(edited by acclaimed author of vampire erotica, Suz deMello!)

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