Succubus Stand-In

(Or fly in, as the case may be.)
Succubi rarely photograph well. They may be photogenic, yet they exist more in dream realms than in this one—or so I’m given to understand.
Thus here is another shot of the lovely Lacie Dawn, this time standing in for a succubus who could not appear. ‘Tis none the less remarkable that one without visible wings can hold such a pose!
I, your not not-so-humble Master Nick, am snapping the shots for this series. The artist Robert Pickman shall employ them as photo reference for illustrations in an upcoming novel series by Roderick Thorne. Stay tuned for news!
In the meantime, you may peruse the works of Lacie Dawn. She’s a budding artist in her own right. A few examples may be found here:
Master Nick © 2017
I don’t believe art should ever be censored. If you stand for free expression and against archaic notions of body shame, let me hear it from you! I shan’t post the uncensored versions of this series until I know you’re truly ready for them!
If you like to peruse twisted, explicit fiction, do pick up a copy of
“Gonzombie and Other Dark Tales”
(edited by acclaimed author of vampire erotica, Suz deMello!)

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